Classic elegance with a dash of modern flair

Designer and Founder of Heidi Designz, Heidi Ortman Sheff, carries on a legacy of a 120 year old, family-owned business, renowned for its expertise in Diamonds, Precious color stones, Vintage and Custom jewelry.
Established in 1899, J.Ortman inc., provides its clientele with rare and unique jewelry and gems, while always ensuring impeccable quality and service.
Heidi Designz, created by Heidi in 1985, is a subsidiary of J. Ortman inc. and offers more moderately priced, customized creations of all kinds — from classic diamond engagement rings to one-of- a kind custom creations made with colorful gemstones that are unique and fashion forward for everyday wear.
Heidi, enjoys working directly with her clients to create the piece of jewelry that is perfect for your taste and budget without the high retail price tag.

Jewelry Consultant

Heidi can assist you if you want a consultation and analysis of your jewelry in this fluctuating market. Some of your jewelry and precious stones might be over or under appraised as the economy has shifted.
What valuables should you hold onto and safely preserve for the next generation?
What outdated jewelry should you redesign to give a new life and make more wearable for every day or festive occasions.
Jewelry can be very sentimental with an emotional attachment. I can help guide you in what you should keep, redesign or sell at the correct price to optimize its value.
In person or virtual appointments are available.

Please contact Heidi Sheff

Collection list

Heidi Designz

Heidi offers 3 ways to shop:

1. Custom made pieces designed by Heidi Ortman Sheff

2. Have any piece of jewelry you adore custom designed for your taste and budget

3. Buy a piece curated by Heidi for it’s exceptional quality and value

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